5 toys to invest in for your baby

I get asked this question a lot when I am working with parents of newborns. “What kind of toys should we buy for our baby?” As much I would love to give you a list of a hundred toys. I have to stop myself from getting carried away by all that glam. I really believe that a parent’s presence and their voice cannot be compared with any toy in the universe.

Having said that, I also teach the TummyTime!™ Method classes around Portland and one thing I have learned from my teacher Michelle Emanuel, who developed this wonderful program is babies like things in small doses and I think that we, as adults can also do better with small lists instead of the top 100 things and such. So here are 5 toys I like for a baby aged 1-6 months old.

1.The Nogginstick ( simple and easy to grasp rattle that also lights up and has a mirror)

2. The Blue Beckman Tri-chew

3. First Years Massaging Teether or Bright Starts Massaging teether (for a baby who is teething or needs oral motor exercise and stimulation)

4. The O-Ball (good for tongue movements)

5. The Wowie starfish teether

If you find any other products that helped your baby, you are always welcome to comment on this post and put the link up. I would love to hear back from you if you purchased any of the above toys and give me your opinion about it. I would be grateful to you if you could purchase the toys mentioned in the list through the links from my website.