FREE Private 4-week TummyTime!™ & Developmental Movement class ($225 value)

When you SIGN UP for a private 5-week infant massage class ($375) by OCTOBER 17, 2017

Special ends October 17, 2017. First 3 families ONLY.

What is included in this package?

  • All classes happen in the privacy of your home at a time convenient for you and me.
  • I am able to teach classes on evenings and weekends too, so you and your partner can both be present.
  • 2 oz. of organic, cold-pressed organic oil blend
  • Massage strokes handouts for each week
  • Handouts for songs we use during the class
  • TummyTime!™ Method onesie for your baby
  • TummyTime!™ method handouts for each week
  • Gentle movements for helping your baby build strength.
  • Baby Yoga to help your baby relax.
  • Week 1:

  • Why does your baby need infant massage ?
  • When is a good time to massage your baby ?
  • Why is infant massage beneficial for you as a parent ?
  • How much pressure to use when massaging your baby ?
  • Massaging your baby’s legs and feet.
  • Gentle movements for your baby’s legs and feet.
  • How long should your baby be in tummy time?
  • The best time to put your baby in tummy time.
  • Getting your baby in and out of the carseat comfortably.
  • Week 2:

  • Massaging your baby’s tummy.
  • Special attention to massaging your baby to relieve their gas or tummy troubles.
  • How to transition your baby from arms to crib when putting them down for a nap ?
  • Techniques to keep your baby calm during tummytime.
  • How to protect your baby from developing flat spots on their head?
  • Week 3:

  • Massaging your baby’s chest and arms.
  • Gentle movements for your baby’s arms.
  • Baby Yoga
  • 3 simple and easy techniques to help your baby have a healthy nervous system.
  • Techniques to help your baby integrate both sides of their body.
  • Week 4:

  • Massaging your baby’s back.
  • More simple exercises for improving baby’s head, neck, should strength and head shape.
  • More easy techniques for increasing baby’s sense of balance.
  • How to get continued support after the class is over.
  • Week 5:

  • Massaging your baby’s face and head
  • Baby Yoga
  • Gentle movements.
  • Integrating baby massage and tummy time in your daily routine.
  • I have a limited amount of time to travel with my schedule so I am able to accept only 3 families at this time. This special promotion is only available till the 17th of October because that is my birthday and I wanted to give something special to your family.

    So don’t wait anymore ! Go ahead and sign up by clicking the button below. I promise you will be glad you did.