Natural Remedies for Gas Relief in Newborns and Infants: A Tummy time and Baby Massage Workshop.

Sorry your newborn or infant is having gas troubles. Trapped gas or gas bubbles can be very painful and it is hard to see them suffer.

Did you try gas drops? And you really don’t want to continue giving them drops or medicines?

Perhaps you are looking for natural ways to relieve gas and discomfort. Or you are using drops and/or medicine and baby is still in pain and you ware looking for additional help, something to complement the medicines.

Either way you have come to the right place.

There are natural techniques of getting the trapped gas out and reduce discomfort and pain for your little ones.

These techniques are based on tummy time and baby massage methods.

I am doing an hour long workshop in which I will teach you these techniques to get trapped gas and gas bubbles out. These are evidence based methods extracted from the cultural traditions around the world.

“We attended the infant massage class last month and it was amazing. Sejal helped us learn how to help our baby boy relax, get out some trapped gas, and practice rolling over for tummy time! We loved it so much that we added it to our nightly routine before bed. And the massage oil she makes for the babies is definitely our favorite. It keeps hands and baby nice and soft.”

They work on newborns as young as a week old. I have successfully used them with a two day old newborn!

Now, if you have tried tummy time in the past you may have noticed that your baby hated it or cried and didn’t want to do it. It is very understandable.

But that doesn’t mean it will not work for your baby. There is a way to do tummy time such that it is actually fun for your baby and you.

And that is best learned from an expert and that is exactly what I teach.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Sejal Fichadia. I am a certified TummyTime!™ instructor and a certified educator of infant massage. I am also an IBCLC (International Borad Certified Lactation Consultant), and CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula.

I have been working with babies for over 4 years. And here is what some of my customers have to say about my services and me.

Following are the details about the workshop.

What: Natural Remedies for Newborn and Infant Gas Relief.
When: July 8th Saturday 10:30am to 11:30am
Kindred Mother Care LLC
20861 NW Amberview Ln
Beaverton OR 97006

This is what I will cover in the workshop.

  • Little known tummy time and baby massage techniques that get the trapped gas out in newborns and infants.
  • How to do tummy time without making your baby cry.
  • Baby massage techniques and strokes that help pass gas bubbles and gets intant relief from gas pain in newborns and infants.

When you sign up for the workshop. You will get:

  • One hour of training/instructions which includes demonstration of different techniques and massage strokes.
  • Detailed handouts.
  • Propriety blend of organic baby massage oil.

“She spent whatever the time new born needs and tried to fix issues. I have learned lot from Sejal (how to calm a baby, how to help baby to get rid of gas, infant massage, etc.).”


The regular cost of this workshop is $45. But I have an early bird special.

If you sign up today, you can do it for a special price of just $35.

This is going to be a very interactive and hands on training. I want to be able to fully focus on all participants and give each of you very individualized attention and technique customization.

I can only do that if I have a small group. Hence I limit the group size to just 5 participants.

The workshop is open only to first 5 parents. The registration will close as soon as I get 5 signups.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Learn completely natural and very effective techniques to help your newborn get relief from gas troubles.

Hopefully these skills will help prevent or minimize the use of medicines in the future.

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“Thank you, Sejal! We loved our TummyTime class with Sejal. She is so, so kind to both parents and infants. My daughter learned so much and got stronger and healthier from working with Sejal and doing the exercises she shared. I can already see the difference in her digestion, respiratory system, neck strength, and engagement with the world around her! I wish I’d known Sejal early enough to have her come be our post-partum doula. She’s just the best!”

Adriana Baer