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A Little About Me

I became a lactation consultant in 2016 with the goal to provide evidence-informed care for new parents and their babies. My humble beginning as a postpartum doula for singletons and multiples in 2014 put the pieces of my career puzzle together for me. I feel that when you help a new parent nurture their baby, you are helping the entire family feel nurtured.

A simple equation I follow is a well-fed baby at the breast/chest= a happy baby = a happy family. My goal is to help you meet your goals.

I have been living my mission for 4+ years. I enjoy every day and every moment of my work. I bring a lot of skills and experience to the families I work with. I have a variety of ways I support the families I serve, and those include kangaroo care for full-term newborns, breast/chest feeding support, postpartum doula care packages, private as well as group classes on TummyTime!™ method, infant massage, infant care, and breastfeeding/chestfeeding, support for adoptive parents and more.

I’m also very proud to be from India, a culture that is known worldwide for its heritage and hospitality. Not only is helping parents and families in my nature, but it’s also a big part of the way I was raised!

Feel free to reach out: I love hearing from new people, and you can look forward to some yummy food if you hire me as your doula and of course good ol’ Indian hospitality.

I believe that skin to skin contact and human milk are the foundations needed in infancy and the outcomes for our babies are vastly better by providing these two forms of care. Research says it too.